Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts style tiles are orignial designs which are based on the Arts & Crafts movement of the 19th century. The tiles have a raised line and are made of stoneware clay. Tiles may be ordered in the colors of your choice from a 16 color pallete. They are suitable for outdoors and are especially nice in fireplace surrounds.

6" Cuenca Series (Stoneware)

House Numbers w/ Decorative Ends: 6" x 3" each

M613 Flora Azul - 12" x 18"

S614 Star - 4 ¼"

Iris Border 4 ¼" x 6"

L605 Regal Border 3" x 6"

L606 Regal Corner 3" x 3"

L607 Lotus Border 3" x 6"

L608 Lotus Corner 3" x 3"

D627 Jungle Border

M625 Zuni Mural

S625 Normandy

S629 Versailles

S630 Provence


C621 Poppy Corner

S619 Poppy 6"

B620 Poppy Border

6" ea.

S615 Branches

S616 Clover

S617 Scallop

S618 Four Hearts