Hand-Painted Murals

Each mural consists of individual hand-painted tiles that are glazed and fired. The design can be selected from our catalog or a custom mural pattern can be drawn to your specifications. The colors of a catalog design can be changed to match your needs. The size can be adjusted to fit your space. The hand-painted tiles are painted with lowfire glaze, not china-paints. This gives more durability and brighter colors.

Wild Flowers: 17" x 21"

Country Kitchen: 12" x 18"

Lily Pond: 12" x 24"

Wisteria: 8½" x 21"

Sea Otters: 18" x 18"

Vegtable Basket: 18" x 18"

Dolphins: 18" x 24"

Tropical Fish: 17" x 21"

Underwater: 24" x 18"

Antique Birds: 16" x 12"

Blue Vase: 42" x 36"

Presentation HS: 48" x 36"