Specializing In Arts and Crafts Tile

Transform an ordinary kitchen or bath into something special with custom tile!

Janet Starr has been creating hand-crafted ceramic tile since 1987. She began her art career as a painter and received a BA in Fine Art from UC Santa Cruz. Her traditional art background has influenced her tile designs and contributed to the fine quality of the work. Currently, Janet’s tiles are installed in hundreds of homes locally and throughout the country. All of the work is custom made to order.

Her most recent designs are based on the Arts & Crafts Tradition and the Art Nouveau Period. The fireplaces created in this new style are among her most popular installations. Each tile is handmade from stoneware clay, carved into a plaster master mold, and hand-pressed to create an image that has a raised outline. The tiles are slowly dried and bisque fired at 2048 °F. Custom developed stoneware glazes are then hand-painted between the outlines. The glaze colors are soft, rich, and only available from the artist. Each tile is glaze fired at 2134 °F. The finished products are similar to tiles found in many historic homes. Each order can be customized by selecting from a 16-color palette.

Other styles of work include bas-relief animals and sea life in lowfire clay with high gloss glazes, raised relief border tiles in terra-cotta clay with matt glazes, and shaped ceramic tile murals in stoneware or clay. There is also a large selection of hand-painted murals and individual decorative designs on commercial tile.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like pricing information. We welcome inquiries from both retail customers, interior designers, and wholesale showrooms.

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